Every school, large or small, has a budget to stick to. Unexpected gear repairs can strain that budget. Our Enterprise CPS Programs can help keep costs under control. We can even train your equipment managers to do much of the maintenance and minor repairs, saving even more money.

We recommend Enterprise Level C or Enterprise Level D for most Schools Small to Medium Schools and Enterprise Level B for most larger schools.

Enterprise CPS Membership Benefits:
Repair Discount Repair Discount
Receive a discount on out of warranty repairs for savings that typically exceed the cost of the program.
Streamlined Payment Streamlined Payment
Flexible payment options including P-Card, Credit Card, Tax Exempt and PO can be accepted.
On-Site Maintenance On-Site Maintenance
Let Canon come to you. A team of technicians and pro reps will visit your location to clean and check your gear.
Customizable Programs Customizable Programs
Have a special need? Tell us about it and we will create a program to suit it.
3 Day Turnaround 3 Day Turnaround
Enjoy priority expedited turnaround on all your repairs.